Reinstatement & Restoration/Drying

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Welcome to our re-instatement page.

As a company absolute have grown over the last few years starting with plumbing and internal leak detection to now doing the full works which include drainage, water supply pipes and the full remedial works including drying from the cause of an escape of water.

Please see below some case studies of works we have completed after leaks have been located and repaired.

After the leak detection and leak repair stage we carry out a full moisture survey too high light the areas of concern. We then compile a tight schedule to what is damaged, what needs to be stripped out and what needs to be dried in order to get the property back into a liveable condition. Once we have had this approved by the appropriate clients I.E your insurer we proceed to dry the affected areas and once this has been signed off we then will complete all necessary building works.

Reinstatement & Restoration/Drying Case Studies