Commercial Leak Detection

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Here at Absolute we pride our selves in our knowledge and experience in the Commercial Leak Detection Industry.

We can use our specialist equipment to locate leaks on any of the following:

  • Hot & Cold Water Systems.
  • Pressurised, Gravity and auto filled heating systems.
  • Incoming Supply Pipes.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Irrigation Systems.

Please See our most recent case study below from our commercial works!

The Forest Academy

(Ilford, London, April 2020)

The school was experiencing a large loss from an auto fill on the large heating system that fed the entire school. Using our tracer gas equipment and thermal imaging we managed to pin point the leak to a 1.5 meter area externally where the pipe ran to another building. We excavated the pipe work and found the steel pipes to be corroded. A repair was made and the heating system again checked which was now found to be leak free. We back filled the excavation and re-laid the tarmac, conforming to the current street works standards.


The Woodside Garden Centre

(Rayleigh, Essex, February 2020)

The garden centre is set on a large site which also house’s a number of other units. The shared supply was found to be leaking by the local water authority and a very large bill submitted for water usage. No sign of leakage was apparent and any areas of suspicion. The supply ran over an area of 300+ meters and spurred off to a number of different units/out buildings. Using our specialist tracer gas equipment, combined with the years of experience, the leak was located within a day, along with being excavated and repaired. The locate and repair of this leak saved thousands of litres of water and saved the customer thousands of pounds.