A water leak refers to an unintended or uncontrolled flow of water. Water escapes from its intended pathway; causing potential damage. This can range from a minor drip to a major burst.  It is crucial to act and address a water leak quickly as it can lead to further major damage. 

If you have a water leak; the first step is to try to identify the source. This can be done by checking for visible signs of water damage; such as stains or mould or by listening to the sound of running water.

Leak detection is a technique that we offer and is about finding the cause of the leak; without causing any damage; doing some investigatory work. Our high tech equipment comprising thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, endoscopes, ground microphones and tracer gases and dyes, are all used if necessary to locate your leak or the source of damage. If you have ever suffered with ceiling, wall or floor water damage; a water meter bill that is spiralling and you can’t understand why or a combination boiler losing pressure; then it’s likely you have a water leak. 

Here at Absolute Leak Detection we offer a full service of locating the leak, making access and excavating of the leak, repairing the leak and completing a fully detailed insurance company recognised report. The report covers all damage caused by the leak, how we found the leak, and the access work which was required to repair the leak, plus full advisories of works required to remedy the damage and the dampness still present if any.

We have a number of different techniques that we use to identify the leak including moling, detection and pipe installation. Below we explore the different techniques we use to detect leaks.

The Techniques we Use

Leak excavating is a method we use and this is a technique we use when there is a water leak underground. It is the process of digging up the ground to locate and repair an underground leak or pipe leak. This is a technique used when the exact location of the leak is unknown. 

Typically it involves digging trenches or holes to access the underground pipe work. 

We have specialist equipment that we use to locate the location of the leak; these include:

  • Tracer gas
  • Electronic listening devices
  • Cut and capping via excavation

If the leak is in an area that is not accessible then we can re-route your supply via impact moling. Moling is the most undisruptive method we use; it reduces the chance of damage to ground surfaces which is perfect.  We can renew or reroute water supply pipes if there is a leak underneath your property or in an area of difficulty for a repair to be carried out.  

Using this method, a long trench isn’t required to be excavated and only two holes are needed (dependent on the distance of the supply). During the moling process, a pneumatically-driven machine known as a mole forces its way through the soil along the desired path of the pipe. 

Moling avoids the need to dig a trench and can be used to lay water pipes. It goes without saying that all surface coverings; be it tarmac, concrete, block paving, paving slabs or turf, will be reinstated after works are completed, to our high standard. 

Why Choose Absolute Leak Detection?

We are leak detection specialists and we pride ourselves on our full leak detection service. Our services are vast and include locating the leak, making access and excavating the leak, repairing the leak and completing a fully detailed insurance company recognised report. 

We offer leak detection for both domestic and commercial properties as well as plumbing repairs and maintenance. We are proud of our knowledge, service and experience. We also stock all materials on our vans that are required to make an onsite repair or replacement of parts for all taps, toilets, showers and pipe work so the fix can be done immediately, properly and efficiently.

You can reach us by emailing info@absoluteleakdetection.co.uk, by calling our office on 01702 842 944 or by filling out our online contact form.