Water leaks can cause a number of problems, including water damage to floors, walls, ceilings, and moisture problems, such as mould and mildew growth which can be a health hazard.

They can also increase water bills, as more water is used than is actually needed and can also lead to fire hazards, if the water comes into contact with electrical equipment.

In this post we explore why it is important to know what to do if you suspect a leak in a water supply pipe. If you have ever suffered the effects of water damage, be that ceiling, wall or floor water damage or noticed your water meter bill spiralling much faster than normal or at a loss as to why your combination boiler is losing pressure; then you will know the impact a water leak can have and how vital it is to seek the expertise of leak detection specialists as quickly as possible.

At Absolute Leak Detection we use all the most advanced equipment and technology to resolve problems like these on a regular basis. Our team of specialists have a diverse range of experience and expertise. We can carry out the locating and repair of your water supply pipe leak on the same day even rerouting your supply if the leak is in an area that is not accessible. If you suspect a water leak, we are confident we can assist you quickly and with the least disruption possible.

There are several reasons why a fast response is the best option for you and your property or business. These include preventing further damage and excessive costs, saving further unnecessary water loss and safeguarding your water system for the future.

Preventing Further Damage

If left unattended a small leak can have an impact way beyond that you can initially see such as mould growth, structural impact and the deterioration of building materials. If left unattended a small issue can escalate very quickly and cause untold issues in the long-term that may be costly and have multiple negative impacts on building and individual health and safety. Mould growth can cause respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems. By responding quickly to a water supply pipe leak, you can work to ensure a healthy and safe living or working environment. 

Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses

Delaying leak detection and resolving and repairing the issue can easily lead to increased costs. The longer the leak persists the more water it wastes and the more damage it can cause. Contacting leak detection specialists to locate, access and repair the water supply pipe leak as early as possible can prevent the escalation of problems and the need for more extensive repairs, excavation or replacement pipe installation or other major building projects later down the line. 

Stop Excessive Water Loss

Water is a precious resource and undetected or unrepaired leaks can contribute to a significant amount of water wastage. By calling in experts such as Absolute Leak Detection as soon as you suspect a water supply pipe leak and addressing the problem promptly you can save water, support local, national and world-wide environmental water conservation efforts as well as reducing potential wastage leading to lower bills and saving you and possibly your business, if the leak is in a commercial property, money over time. 

Safeguard your Water System

You can maintain the efficiency of your water system for the long-term by responding quickly to a suspected leak. Water leaks can impact the overall efficiency of your water system causing a drop in water pressure, reducing the effectiveness of appliances such as taps, showers and kitchen appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. By promptly repairing water supply pipe leaks, you can maintain optimal water pressure and ensure the efficient functioning of your water system.

Now that you know more about water supply pipe leak detection and the advantages of responding quickly to a suspected water leak we hope you have the confidence and knowledge to contact a leak detection specialist as soon as you think you need one.  

How Can We Help?

Here at Absolute Leak Detection, we offer a full leak detection service that starts with locating the leak, accessing and repairing the leak and ensuring you have a detailed report. The report includes accurate information on the extent of the damage caused, how it was identified and specifically located and the work that was required to repair it. It will also include any advisories to support you to remedy the damage or any dampness if it is still present. Our reports are created to be suitable to support you in an insurance claim. 

Contacting us is easy; you can either email us at info@absoluteleakdetection.co.uk, call our office on 01702 842 944 or by accessing our online contact form.