When you notice a leak in your external water pipes, it’s essential to take action quickly and contact a specialist leak detection company. Leaks in incoming water supplies are more than just an inconvenience, they can have a substantial impact on both your utility bills and your property. These leaks may not always be as dramatic as water pooling on your driveway, but even small leaks can result in significant water damage over time. Below we have explored why it’s essential to identify leaks in your external water supplies promptly and how leak detection engineers can assist you with repairs. 

What are External Water Supply Pipes?

The external water supply pipes are responsible for bringing water into your property. Without these pipes, you wouldn’t have any water in your taps and they are the backbone of your water supply. Any complications like leaks or blockages within the external piping system can result in significant disruptions, making timely maintenance and repairs crucial.

Typically, external water pipes will be installed underneath your front garden or driveway and many people don’t realise that they are responsible for maintaining the pipes on their property. So, if you experience a leak, your water company doesn’t have to fix this for you. 

Why Speed Matters in Leak Detection

In today’s day and age where time is often equated with money, speed is of the essence in many aspects of life; including leak detection. There are two main reasons why quickly identifying leaks in your external water supplies is not just advisable but essential;

  • Cost Implications

When it comes to your water supply pipes, even the smallest leaks can result in high water bills. The sheer amount of water that comes through these pipes on a daily basis can cause hundreds, if not thousands, of litres of wasted water over a short period. This can have a direct impact on the amount your water company charges you. 

If you don’t act quickly, not only will your water bills be expensive, but the damage to your pipes could become more severe, resulting in the need for more complex and expensive repairs. Early detection and repair can prevent any additional costs and the sooner you detect leaks, the less financial impact they will have in the long run.

  • Property Damage

A leak in an external water pipe can cause significant damage to your property, some visible and some hidden. For instance, water coming out of your pipes can start to pool on your driveway, damaging your paving. This can result in the whole driveway needing to be ripped up and re-laid which can be very expensive. 

Particularly bad water leaks can even compromise the structural integrity of your property, leading to cracks, sagging floors and in extreme cases, foundational failure. Not only are issues costly to repair, but they can also significantly reduce your property’s market value. So, quick leak detection can be a protective measure for your investment.

Repairing Water Leaks in Supply Pipes

Identifying and repairing leaks in external water supplies is not a DIY job. It’s essential to hire professionals who are equipped with the right tools and expertise to fix the problem efficiently and effectively. Generally speaking, it’s beneficial to contact an experienced company that provides end-to-end leak detection services. 

They will be able to locate the leak using modern, non-invasive techniques like; Acoustic profiling, thermal imaging, moisture metre profiling, endoscope cameras and tracer gas surveys. Once they have successfully located the leak, they can complete the excavation and any required repair work, ensuring your pipes are working as they should be. 

All good leak detection companies will also provide you with a comprehensive written report that can be provided to your insurance company. If you need to make an insurance claim for any water damage, this report will contain everything your home insurance company needs to know.

Contact a Leak Detection Specialist for Assistance 

All in all, quickly identifying leaks in external pipes is crucial. When you have a proactive approach and contact a leak detection specialist as soon as you notice a problem, you can get the repairs you need before the leak causes too much damage. If you’re searching for a company that provides water leak detection services, be sure to get in touch with our team at Absolute Leak Detection today. 

We offer a comprehensive leak detection service and our experts are fully equipped to locate the leak, excavate and repair the pipe. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service to our customers and our non-destructive leak detection methods can speed up the process. If you have any questions about external pipe leaks, don’t hesitate to contact us.