In the world of infrastructure and construction, the installation of underground water pipes plays a crucial role in delivering clean water to our homes and businesses. Traditionally, this process involved disruptive and time consuming trenching methods. However, with the advancing evolution of technology, a more efficient and cost-effective technique known as water pipe moling has emerged.

It is all well and good, plumbing and leak detection specialists offering this particular service but until customers know the exact water pipe moling concept, its benefits and how it has revolutionised the process of underground pipe installation. However, our experts at Absolute Leak Detection are on hand to provide all the essential information on water pipe moling.

What is Water Pipe Moling?

Water pipe moling; also known as directional drilling or trenches technology, is a method used to install or replace underground pipes without the need for extensive excavation. It involves the use of specialised equipment to create a horizontal bore or tunnel underground, through which the new pipe is inserted.

The Process of Water Pipe Moling

The process of water pipe moling is one that is made up of a number of complex steps, often starting with an initial site assessment. Before commencing the moling process, a thorough site assessment is conducted to identify any potential obstacles such as existing utilities or structures.

This is then followed by planning of the entry and exit points. A small hole is dug at the starting point and at the endpoint of the desired pipe route. These serve as the entry and exit points for the moling equipment.

Once both parties are content that there are no obstructions in the chosen path for the pipes, this will then be followed by the tunnel boring process. A pneumatic or hydraulic mole is inserted into the starting hole and guided along the desired path. The mole will use percussive or rotational forces to break the soil, thus creating a tunnel for the pipe.

Then follows the pipe installation. Once the tunnel is created, the mole is removed and the new pipe is inserted into the tunnel at the entry point. The pipe is then connected to the existing water network at both ends. As soon as our experts have assessed that everything is performing as is to be expected, the entry and exit points are backfilled and restored to their original condition, therefore minimising the impact on the surrounding area and visual aesthetic of the landscape.

Why Choose Water Pipe Moling?

When it comes to seeking any service, we often look for the advantages that come with choosing that particular service in comparison to another; especially when it is a service we haven’t needed in the past, and there is no exception when it comes to water pipe moling. Again, there are a number of advantages that come with choosing water pipe moling, the first being that it creates very minimal disruption. 

Unlike traditional trenching methods, water pipe moling requires menial excavation, reducing the disruption the work causes to roads, pathways and landscaping. This results in less inconvenience to the community and fewer closures during the installation process; not to mention the major decrease water pipe moling has on the surrounding natural habitats, trees and other vegetation.

Another advantage of water pipe moling is its time and cost savings. Water pipe moling is a quicker and more cost-effective solution in comparison to trenching. It eliminates the need for extensive manual labour, reduces material costs and minimises the time that is required to carry out the relevant work.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you to choose our water pipe moling at Absolute Leak Detection then we are sure the versatility of this process will. Our water pipe moling can be used for a wide range of pipe materials, including; but not limited to, PVC, Copper and Steel. It is suitable for various applications such as water supply lines, irrigation systems and even underground utility installations.

Need Some Further Advice?

If you still aren’t quite sure if you would benefit from our water pipe moling process or simply need some more advice on the most suitable solution for your situation, then we encourage you to contact us today by calling 01702 842 944 or by filling in the relevant information into our online contact form and we will be able to guide you to the most beneficial and cost effective solution.