Leaks in domestic properties need to be dealt with as soon as possible. If they’re not fixed immediately, they can very quickly escalate into much bigger problems, costing huge amounts of money and causing significant damage. As soon as you have reason to believe that there’s a leak in your home – for example, you’ve noticed your boiler losing pressure or seen water damage on the ceilings, walls or floor coverings – it’s vital that you contact a specialist leak detection company such as Absolute Leak Detection.

Once you contact us, our experienced leak detection professionals can visit your home and thoroughly examine the leak using a multitude of leak detection techniques. Following this, we can provide you with excellent leak repairs and a fully detailed insurance company recognised report. In this post below, we take a look at five leak detection methods our team uses – so keep reading to learn more. If you have a leak in your home and would like to get it assessed – please get in touch with us via the details at the bottom. 

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging is a popular, non-invasive method of leak detection. It involves using specialist infrared cameras to determine the amount of infrared light emitted from a particular surface. We can use our thermal imaging cameras to identify the routes that pipe work takes within concrete, and find unusual activity on hot or cold feeds, which can suggest a leak and water pooling.

Moisture Metre Profiling

In addition to this, we can conduct comprehensive moisture surveys of your domestic property, locating any damp floors, ceilings and walls. With this leak detection method, we can precisely locate a leak to a specific area, even if damage isn’t visible to the naked eye. This method is also useful with our recommendations for drying, so you can let your insurance company know.

Tracer Gas Surveys

The tracer gas method involves putting the tracer gas into the central heating pipe work, hot or cold feeds or incoming water supplies. We will then use our specialised gas analyser to accurately locate the gas escaping through the concrete or tile grouting, tarmac and grass. Our gas is 100% safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and renewable, so you can have full peace of mind. 

Acoustic Methods

Furthermore, our specialists can use acoustic methods to accurately locate your leak. Acoustic leak detection involves listening to leaks with the use of a microphone which amplifies the quietest of sounds. We can use our acoustic equipment to precisely locate the smallest of leaks on your pipe work – whether this is internally or externally. 

Endoscope Cameras

Finally, we can use endoscope cameras to detect leaks in your home. Utilising our endoscopes, our team can get into places where their heads won’t fit – for example, really tight spaces that are impossible to reach. We can then use the cameras to check the waste pipes and other pipe work, without the need to remove any boxing or tiling. This is another completely non-invasive method so it has lots of benefits. 

Competitive Water Leak Detection Cost UK 

If you have reason to believe that there is a leak present in your residential or commercial property, then it’s vital that you enlist the services of leak detection specialists today. At Absolute Leak Detection, we can provide you with comprehensive leak detection services for your home or commercial premises. Our specialists will locate the cause of the leak with efficiency, ensuring that no damage is caused and the problem is swiftly resolved. 

We utilise the most cutting edge technology and equipment available to detect and repair your leak; as mentioned above, our methods include thermal imaging cameras, moisture metres, endoscopes, ground microphones and tracer gases. No matter how big or small your leak problem is, we’re confident that we can assist you with a reliable, speedy and cost-effective service. Our rates are highly competitive, so you’ll be getting an affordable quote when you come to us. 

To enquire about our domestic leak detection in Essex and the UK, please drop us a message via the online form on our website. Alternatively, feel free to call us directly on 01702 842 944, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.